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Who are unusuals AI?

unusuals is an AI software company, born in 2016 with the goal of automating business processes for infrastructures owners and managers. Currently our cloud-based platform detects defects in cross-sectors infrastructures.

Our growth strategy is based on the exceptional work of our team. Honesty with our team and customers is one of our most important values. Our team members are autonomous and we ensure them a professional growth.

Our customers are both national and multinational companies. We work globally, with users and customers around the world.

What is our magic? We use Deep Learning for the automatic analysis of visual data, from videos to images and 3D point clouds, freeing our customers from repetitive tasks.

Take a look at our team at:


Who are we looking for?

An experienced backend and python developer. A team player, with experience in multidisciplinary teams (product designers, product owners/managers, front end…), to work on both product and projects developments.

We would love to find someone familiar with Kanban or scrum. Someone who is always looking forward to learn along with a team. Someone who is focused on added value and attention to detail, but also keeping a practical view.


Desired technical skills:

-          JS development experience

-          Components-based development experience

-          API-first approach

-         CSS and related good practices (low specificity, cascade, etc). Semantic mark-up. We focus on CSS bases rather than SASS or similar tools.

-          Familiar with unit-testing & integration

-          Familiar with good practices: Modularity, Coupling & cohesion, Single Responsibility Principle, DRY, YAGNI, 4 Rules of Simple Design.

Nice to have:

- JS Frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc) experience

- Interested in Design Systems

- Software architecture (Layered arch, DDD, etc)

- TDD practitioner

- E2E testing

- Storybook or similar experience

- GraphQL

- AI and Back-end skills and/or interest


Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, go ahead and contact us. We believe that attitude is the cornerstone of knowledge!


Our Stack

-          We use Javascript, HTML and CSS to develop our frontend

-          Our frontend uses React (Context, custom hooks) but we believe that a framework is nothing more than a changing implementation detail. Don't worry about that.

-          Our connection with API uses GraphQL and Apollo as client

-          We use SASS as a language to extend CSS and BEM as a naming method

-          We use Webpack to build our bundle, Yarn as package manager and Amplify for deployment

-          We use Bitbucket pipelines for automatic testing and deployment

- Regarding software issue tracking and management we use Jira, Confluence and Slack


What do we offer?

-          Remote work

-          Flexible working hours (only fixed time is Daily meeting every day at 10am)

-          An ultrabook (Windows/Linux) to let you work remotely

-          Everything you need to comfortably work: Screen, keypad(not a mechanical one), mouse, software…

-          Being part of the company’s product team

-          Our company is based in Madrid. Therefore, from time to time a trip to Madrid shall be requested to personally meet the team

-          Training and events are included in our budget

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