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unusuals AI software is focused on five key infrastructures that power our world. Take a look and learn how our technology and team can help you.


Inspections, inventories and many more

unusuals AI is being used in several industries and sectors, providing a variety of services. Feel free to ask, otherwise take a look below and discover how we are helping our customers.


Customised AI

We believe in working side by side with our customers. That is why we will listen to your needs and customise unusuals AI to meet your requests. Get your own AI application.


Your processes, automated

Get results for your own specifics. unusuals AI automates infrastructure inspections and maintenance to deliver customisable reports, fitting the singularities of our customers.

Powerlines and grid

More than 5.5 million Circuit kilometres worldwide, fuelling the worlds movement. Climate and difficult access are challenges to face in their maintenance. Take a look at our use cases below and discover what unusuals AI can do for you.

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Case study - Automatic inspections

unusuals is working with the biggest powerlines manager in Spain, automatically detecting and tagging anomalies such as rust, broken isolators, bended bars, hot spots, broken mechanical fixations, etc. Let the unusuals AI deal with thousands of images so you can focus on what is important.

Case study - Workflow specifics

We know that every business is specific. That is why unusuals AI software counts on expert’s role management, severity ratings, anomalies manual annotation and a set of features to enable the best customisation of our platform.


If a train were to run over every railroad in the world, it would go down more than thirty-two times the length of the equator. Railways are under heavy use, always exposed to extreme weather conditions.

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Case study - Regular maintenance

unusuals AI platform is used by the largest freight infrastructures operator in Mexico, to assess the status of assets such as sleepers, ballast, fixations and rails. Onboard cameras record visual images to be then automatically analyse visual data. Regular maintenance saves costs and increases infrastructure efficiency.

Case study - Inventories and geolocation

Our customers in Germany obtain reports of their assets accurate location, simply by using images and point clouds. unusuals AI software analyses visual data to provide geolocation services and many more.


Only in the US, six billion cell phone calls are made per day. Telecom towers deal with corrosion and great climate variations. Take a look at our use cases below and discover what unusuals AI can do for you.

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Case study – Condition monitoring

unsuals AI software can help you to detect structural anomalies, such as rust on antennae, bird nests, guy anchor or hardware inspection. Get an overall look on telecoms infrastructures.

Case study – Antenna analysis using point clouds

unusuals AI software is capable of processing dense point clouds coming from a LiDAR sensor. List assets accurately or automatically detect antenna angle, azimuth and downtilt to get the most of your infrastructures.

Wind farms

With almost 30.000 wind farms worldwide, wind power has become one of the most efficient renewables sources of energy. Detecting failures in particular components to avoid unscheduled stoppages is critical. Take a look at our use cases below and discover what unusuals AI can do for you.

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Case study – Turbines and blades inspection

On-shore and off-shore farms are composed of hundreds of wind turbines, prone to mechanical stress and adverse weather conditions. Use unusuals AI software to automatically detect defects such as blade corrosion or fractures.

Case study – Drone imagery integration

Whether you already have an operating drone fleet, or you are planning to deploy it, ask us for support. unusuals AI software is currently used to analyse thousands of images and videos captured with drones.

Solar PV

Photovoltaic solar power is expected to produce around 11% of the global energy generation by 2050. Thermal inspection of solar panels helps achieving maximum energy production and a faster ROI. Take a look at our use cases below and discover what unusuals AI can do for you.

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Case study – RGB and IR cameras integration

The combination of visual and thermal imagery helps in the quantification of defects as well as the determination of the problem’s nature. unusuals AI software analyses both sources, allowing our customers to achieve traceability and efficiency.

Case study – Improve your inspection

From data collection to delivery, unusuals AI software manages end-to-end inspections. AI provides automatic detection and enables an efficient data organisation. Use unusuals AI platform to easily access datasets and reports.

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