unusuals becomes the winner of Elewit’s Data Challenge!



18 Nov. '21 // News

Madrid, 12th of March 2021


Fomer SigmaRail and now unusuals has been named as the awarded company to develop and deploy DALIA.

DALIA stands for Detectin Anomalies in Lines Inspection Autonomously. The initiative is lead by Elewit and Red Electrica de España (Powerlines maintenance department). Its goal is to digitalise and evolve the powerlines and grid maintenance technical processes, information workflows and surveys. It also aims to form and educate professionals of the sector.

The project is composed of two lots:

1.       Developing a platform helping simplification, visualisation and automating the whole powerlines inspection process.

2.       AI development to help and assist the detection of visual anomalies.


unusuals (former SigmaRail) has been elected to take charge of the development. According to Raquel Rodríguez, Elewit Technology Project Manager, “unusuals has already been working with Elewit and Red Electrica via our venture-client project. We are confident that this previous experience will surely help us to face the challenge of modifying critical business processes”.

About Elewit

Elewit is Red Electrica de España (REE) technology platform. Founded in 2019, they offer solutions to new challenges in the electricity and telecommunications sectors, promoting energy transition and connectivity for a sustainable future.

About unusuals

unusuals (www.unusuals.ai) is contributing to manage infrastructures efficiently, by the simple and useful application of AI.